We have many satisfied clients including managed care organizations, third party administrators, insurance companies and employers in a wide variety of industries. Each client is unique with business needs that demand flexibility. They know they can rely on Rockport for unparalleled PPO network benefits and consistent, high-quality services.

Carefully Selected Network

We manage a comprehensive, national network of over 680,000 medical professionals focused specifically on work-related injuries and illnesses. They understand the value of early intervention and have experience with return-to-work guidelines and industry-specific treatment protocols. Customized provider panels can also be designed to meet each client's needs.

Dedicated Client Services Team

Rockport's team of professionals is the heart of our organization - bringing together insight and experience to enhance our PPO services. Our dedicated staff helps control workers' comp costs by assisting with provider referral needs quickly and accurately - ultimately reducing return-to-work time.

We take pride in our high-quality data and attention to detail. Rockport updates and makes available through our secured Provider Search tool as well as provider directories and panels verified provider demographics to ensure accuracy and ease of access.

Clients can request a provider referral from Rockport by e-mail, phone or fax. We can provide case managers and claims adjusters with complete, up-to-date information on each provider. We also offer a secure, web-based provider search tool called

NethealthWorks, which includes look-up capabilities by name, location, or zip code.

Advanced Bridge Technology, Guaranteed Turnaround

Rockport set a new standard in the PPO industry by creating a flexible environment for clients to interface their bill review systems with our provider database. Our unique bridge technology includes provider rates and demographics, and the necessary capabilities to ensure PPO savings are realized appropriately. We guarantee a quick turnaround on each batch of bills received through our bridge.

Performance Measurements

To reinforce our commitment to exceptional service, we provide client-specific Report Cards covering our performance. These quarterly updates cover savings and utilization, batch bill turnaround, network development efforts, and provide a thorough network provider referral analysis.



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